Water Paintings

From the series “Water Paintings”. Silvery reflection of soothing, tranquil water. How majestic is the effect of time, familiar, relaxing, yet different from are own perception.



Celebration of one month at Facebook

>Today, I celebrate one month in Facebook. I have been so fortunate to interact with over 2,000 wonderful fans. I wanted to thank all of you for your kind words and encouragement about my work. As an appreciation to all my fans, I will create a limited edition of 150 prints of Serviette. This image has not been release to any gallery or sold in any other way, it will be an exclusive image for Facebook fans. That is, Serviette will be only available through Facebook to my fans, no other way of purchasing this image. After the 150 images are sold, the negative will be retired.

I will print the image with a custom set of Septon Carbon Inks, on a 100%, acid free rag paper, maintaining the highest level of archival quality possible today. The image size is 14 inches x 11 inches on a 13 inches by 19 inches paper. This original print will be sign and number by me, and once again, is limited to only 150 prints.

The price will be significantly reduce to celebrate the 2,000 plus fans and my appreciation to them. Each unmounted image will cost $75.00, including shipping (Normally $450.00 + shipping).

Once again, thank you so much for your support, and I hope you enjoy this image.


Edgar Angelone

Natural graffiti

>This is one of my first images I created. I have always liked this image because of the “Rorschach Inkblot” type of reaction that stimulates. It was taken during a show I had some years ago. The gallery had beautiful old windows, mostly cover with plants from the outside. Although the light was able to filter through the vegetation, the paint-like shades of color were magnificent. The most interest comment I received about this image was by a very well know gallery curator that felt it was a picture of a woman’s body in the background. Reality or projection?


Road to Eden

> A few years ago, while driving to Point Reyes, I encountered this moment which remained me the book “The Road Less Travelled.” I have to lie down on the road in order to get the perspective. I am glad that was early in the morning, and no cars where around. My mind was so focus on the scene, that an accident could very easily happened. Instead, I got this image.

Huichal tribe

>I could not resist but capture this moment of total contemplation and oneness with the earth. This woman was carrying her child down the hill, stop at the age of the lake, and was still for several minutes, absorbing the peaceful and powerful view in front of her eyes. As I saw her and the landscape, I become one also with them, but did not last long, since I have the urge to capture the moment not only with my soul, but with my film as well.