I remember this image very well. Three photographers and myself were coming back from a week shooting at Antelope Canyons, in Page Arizona. We were driving back to Las Vegas to catch an airplane. There was a beautiful storm forming in Arizona. One of my friends had a very nice Linhoff Panoramic 8″x17″ camera, loaded with Fuji Acros black and white film. The storm was approaching fast, and I decided to stop on our way and capture this image. I felt that the power lines with the background storm was very elegant, and I cross the route to get a good view. My friends were screaming at me, because of the electrical storm and the fact I had a wonderful antenna in my hands (the metallic camera). I did not think about it at the time, I was too involve with the view. I was lucky. I took the image (four of them actually) and come back to the car with all my senses and limbs intact, no electrical shock whatsoever. Was I smart?? No really, probably not, in fact do not try this at home 🙂



3 thoughts on “Power

  1. >If I had a chance to shoot something like that with a camera like that, I wouldn't worry about a silly electrical storm either…:)absolutely beautiful photograph. well done.

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