Italia, cont.

I had the opportunity to visit Italy again last winter. A well known company in the USA gave me an assignment: to get images of bicycles. So, what a better place to go than the old town of Luca. Luca is a beautiful small town in the north-west of Italy. The city is surrounded by a large wall that covers the perimeter of the city. Only very few automobiles are allowed. Thus, most of the people that have been living there for many generations rides a bicycle to work, as well as, to get around the city. As you can imaging, the city’s architectural make-up is many centuries old. Most of the building are at least several hundred years old. I had the opportunity to spot this ruin castle, overlooking a beautiful church. The area is enchanted by the wonderful people and European style hospitality. The trip was successful in many ways, although I found my self spending more time doing my own work, than shooting bicycles. Oh well, the assignment got done anyway.


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