Now, there is something about Italy… Of course my last name helps me to have a genetic connection to the beautiful country, but beside that, I think it is a very special place. I was walking with my wife in one of these little wonderful towns, as old as history itself, when we decided to visit a very old church. Almost everybody knows that one thing you DO NOT do in Italy , is to take pictures insight of a church. This is as prohibit as discussing the new health care reform in USA. :). But, since photography is something I like, even when I play tourist, I always carry my little Leica M6 with a role of film ready for the “decisive moment” (I think someone said that term before). We entered the church and the moment was in front of me. The priest was posing in the church to a policeman who was ready to take his picture. More interesting, it was that he was next to a sign that stated NO PHOTOGRAPHY ALLOWED insight the church (in Italian of course). So here I am, how could I miss an opportunity like that. I took my camera, I quickly guess exposure and focusing, and got the shot. I do not know if you know Leica’s cameras or not, but they are as quiet as they can be. I told my wife to leave as soon as possible, since I got my picture (I did ask for forgiveness in a quiet payer.) But I was not as lucky as I thought. Two big guys, football players-like (unlikely in Italy), approached me and demanded me to give them the camera. I explained in Italian, that I was only doing the same thing they were doing, why did I have to give my camera to them?? They explained me that since he was the priest, he was allowed to have his picture taken, but photography was not allow in the church. So I refused to give them my camera, but I have to give them my role of film. Oh well, at least I got a shot of the church from the outside.


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