85 Ducks

First of all, I wanted to apologize for no posting in my blog for the last several weeks. Unfortunately, I was ill, and unable to gather enough energy to come to the computer and work on a new image. As you all know, life sometimes present challenges and we have to face them the best way we can. Despite of being very healthy all thess years, I was unfortunate to acquire the H1N1 virus. No life threatening, but certainly a challenge that lasted more than I anticipated. The positive side of this is the fact I spend more time with my wonderful wife and children, and I thought about a lot about my work.

One of my good friends recommend me to visit the Nicasio Reservoir, which is a 30-minute trip from my house. She was right, it is magical. This image of the 85 happy ducks is a simple testimony of the place. Thank you Shirley!!

I wanted to wish you a wonderful 2010, and to thank you for your support and appreciation of my art.