Going backwards!

The news are filled with stories about 18, 24, 26, 30, 40, 60 megapixels cameras, and counting. It seems like there is an ongoing competition from companies to increase the sharpness and resolution of images all the time. However, there is something about the dreamy look of photographs that I like. In fact, once I thought that the more depth of feel, the more sharpness, the better. Today, I feel I am going backwards. And you know, I do not care, in fact, as I get older, the less I worry about what art critics have to say. I took this image early in the morning, the place was an old bedroom, and the feeling about being there was wonderful. The light painted the place with magic, regardless of how sharp the details are. Did I used a 18 megapixels camera?? nope, a 40 megapixels?? nope, ok how many megapixels them?? Well, a plastic camera, with a plastic lens, with only one stop and aperture, and a role of film. The final outcome, a very nice, dreamy image that I hope you like as much as I do.



5 thoughts on “Going backwards!

  1. >There is certainly something about film. Knowing how to adjust the exposure accordingly to get the results you want is an awesome skill. Despite the instant feedback of my dSLR's LCD, I've had trouble producing shots such as this. Excellent photo!

  2. >I once met a photographer who told me that people were always asking him "What kind of camera do you use?" because they thought that if they bought the same camera, they'd get the same results. The beauty in photography is the VISION of the artist, not the equipment that they used. This is a wonderfully captured moment that would have passed by if you hadn't SEEN it. Thanks for sharing.

  3. >I'll take that trip backwards with you, Ed. It's the summer of 1970, I registered in my first darkroom class at the then State College of San Francisco. Expose for the shadows and develop for the highlights is the mantra. There's no mistaking what you will see. However, apply that recipe with your visual expression and voila, fine-art. Lovely, Mr. Angelone

  4. >having a solid functioning piece of equipment doesnt hurt. but again it lies within the knowledge of the photographer and his kit, to be able to produce breath taking images. while the higher number of pixels usually yield higher resolution, if you dont know how to use it, then no number of pixels will help.it is a fantastic image you uploaded.there is something so romantically intimate with film, processing your film, making enlargements, burning & dodging that cant be replaced by photoshop or impressive DSLRs.

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