Going backwards!

The news are filled with stories about 18, 24, 26, 30, 40, 60 megapixels cameras, and counting. It seems like there is an ongoing competition from companies to increase the sharpness and resolution of images all the time. However, there is something about the dreamy look of photographs that I like. In fact, once I thought that the more depth of feel, the more sharpness, the better. Today, I feel I am going backwards. And you know, I do not care, in fact, as I get older, the less I worry about what art critics have to say. I took this image early in the morning, the place was an old bedroom, and the feeling about being there was wonderful. The light painted the place with magic, regardless of how sharp the details are. Did I used a 18 megapixels camera?? nope, a 40 megapixels?? nope, ok how many megapixels them?? Well, a plastic camera, with a plastic lens, with only one stop and aperture, and a role of film. The final outcome, a very nice, dreamy image that I hope you like as much as I do.



Darkness and Light

Short documentary on the photography and techniques of award winning photographer Edgar Angelone. Click here to view the video.

85 Ducks

First of all, I wanted to apologize for no posting in my blog for the last several weeks. Unfortunately, I was ill, and unable to gather enough energy to come to the computer and work on a new image. As you all know, life sometimes present challenges and we have to face them the best way we can. Despite of being very healthy all thess years, I was unfortunate to acquire the H1N1 virus. No life threatening, but certainly a challenge that lasted more than I anticipated. The positive side of this is the fact I spend more time with my wonderful wife and children, and I thought about a lot about my work.

One of my good friends recommend me to visit the Nicasio Reservoir, which is a 30-minute trip from my house. She was right, it is magical. This image of the 85 happy ducks is a simple testimony of the place. Thank you Shirley!!

I wanted to wish you a wonderful 2010, and to thank you for your support and appreciation of my art.

Harvest Moon

I have been asked many times if I have placed the moon in Photoshop, if the picture is real, or if I have manipulated the image. I guess that is one of the problems with digital photography, people are not trusting anymore what somewhat capture in the moment. No, the image is not manipulated, is real, is the harvest moon. I have the opportunity to visit Death Valley in California in October a few years ago, I planned the trip purposely to capture the beauty of the harvest moon. In fact, if tonight you go outside, you can see the beauty of this time of the year. The moon appears on the early in the evening, just before sunset. Because of the time of the year, the moon appears huge, and bright, as well as, clear. I had the opportunity to take this image with a Hasselblad, and telephoto range lens in the Death Valley, just as the moon was raising, the light in the mountains was due to the sun, which was just minutes before setting. I remember the feeling of seeing sucha beautiful landscape. Yes, I wait, I wait for some time, hoping that the moon will appear over the fog to capture such image. It lasted just a few minutes, and I was able to capture a full role of black and white film. What you see, is what I considered the best of all my bracket images.

About bicycles and other “yerbas”

I have been asked in this forum and others, time and time again, why I do not print digitally. So, I guess is time that I explain this issue the best I can. I have found that digital prints have come a long way. I have seen beautifully black and white photography printed digitally, with fiber based papers, that are gorgeous. The tonality, the perfection, spotless prints. However, through the years, I have come to the conclusion, that photography there is not only about the act of capturing an image, but also the ability to produce beautiful prints. When I work on platinum or gelatin silver printing, I feel that part of my soul is in the photograph. Each stroke of my brush, each burning and dodging, every imperfection that is part of being an artist is in each one of the prints. Are they perfect?, of course not. However, the fact that they are not is what makes that print even more beautiful. That little spotting, the strokes on the border of the image, and many other of the subtleties of hand made print is there, living in the print as long as the print is alive. Each print carries the history and the touch of the artist, in so many ways. By no means I am saying that digital prints are less than hand-made prints, no, not at all, in fact I know well how long it takes somewhat on the computer to produces that perfect image. But, to paraphrase Michael Kenna, digital photographs are like music that your hear on CDs, perfect, beautiful. Hand made prints are like music that you hear on a concert, live, with all imperfections of being an artist. So, this is just some of my thoughts about the subjects. An for the special request, one of the images of the bicycles that I have talked to you about. Enjoy it.