Each image in the Limited Edition collection is hand-crafted by the artist using traditional photographic processes. The artist uses medium format, 4×5 and 8×10 inch view cameras for his work. The images are printed on gelatin silver, fiber base paper or platinum, using Platin Arches paper. As of September 1, 2009, all the images are available in one size only, either approximately 7.5×7.5 inches or 8.5×6.5 inches, depending on the style. This decision was made by the artist from an aesthetic/artistic perspective.  All other existing sizes will be available in galleries until they are sold out and will be replaced by the current size. These changes will not affect Limited Edition size.  All images are mounted on a 4-ply board using archival standards. The museum standard mats are white, 8-ply, acid-free, archival rag board with bevel cut windows.

Limited Editions number 35 total per image, plus five artist proofs. Each Limited Edition image is hand numbered and signed. Pricing will increase to the next level after 10 prints are sold.


                      GELATIN SILVER                  PLATINUM

Level I (1-10)                                     $500                           $750
Level II (11-20)                                  $1,000                        $1,500
Level III (21-30)                                 $2,000                        $3,000
Level IV (31-35)                                $3,000                        $4,000

For purchasing information and/or edition availability, please contact the galleries.